• Beginner Classes

    So your thinking of trying fencing for the first time and you want to know how to get going? First step is to check and see when our next Beginner Classe will start.

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  • Class Schedule

    The Wichita Fencing Academy is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The gym is open to students in the evening during the week and afternoons on the weekends.

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  • National Membership

    Just beginning or renewing your national memebership? It can be tough to navigate the national web site to find just the right thing, but here is how you can do that the easy way.

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  • Buying Equipment

    Buying just the right thing can be hard to do the first time. Here are a couple of tips on what equipment to start off with and what companies there are to buy help you find just the right fencing equipment.

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Starting Fencing

What to Expect When Starting

Beginner classes are designed to teach new students, and those returning after sabbaticals, the basics of modern fencing. In the beginners class students will learn the basics of fencing, refereeing, and the rules of fencing with others.  

Youth Class

Starting Early Is Key

Getting an head start in a sports program, or just getting them out of the house, by begining early is one of the few keys to providing your kids a great advantage in life. Social skills, life experiance, and indipendence are only a few of the skills children pickup at the WFA.  

Why the WFA

Why the WFA

There are lots of reason to choose the Wichita Fencing Acadamey. Here are a couple of reasons from our memebers.

In the News

Like your favorite cousin, Fencing appears all the time.

So often people are surprised when they learn that they have a fencing right in their own town. Here are a couple stories we would like to share.